Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23, 2016

This week was crazy! God does great things! We did like 3 days of work and somehow we were able to meet all the needs of the area! We had so many meetings this week and God still makes up the difference! He is obviously the one doing this work.

We are going to see Jeffersina this Tuesday and we are excited to share with you about it. This week was pretty revelatory though with the meetings, There should be some pictures on the Cincinnati Ohio Mission Facebook page. Also there was a picture on the Facebook page that an Emmalee Cartwright posted of my companion that was soooooooooooo funny! :) 

We had a leadership training and got to see several of my last companions which was so fun and we got to eat good food and learn so much.  Things are just so great right now :) We are planning on this week being big!! 


Elder Howland

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