Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

So I just want to share a quick miracle of this week... We had a member out with us teaching and we had to cut that short to go to a dinner appointment. When we pulled in the parking stall of the dinner appointment's home, they sent us a text saying that they had to cancel. We were pretty bummed because if they had told us sooner we could have kept the member with us and done some good work! But we figured God wanted us in that area for a reason and so I got the idea that we should walk and we found a local member and decided to walk to them even though it was cold, rainy, and Elder Wilcken was sick.  We walked there, 2-2-5ed**, and still found nothing.  We walked back to the car and on the way someone pulled over and asked to talk to us.  And to make a long story just a little longer, we talked to a lady who had been adopted by a member family as a child and baptized.  Since then she had married an Episcopalian and has several kids and has been looking for a way back to church.  She said "I have lived here for 9 years and have never seen missionaries around here but I'm so excited to be able to come back." 

We had no right being there. If even one thing happened differently she wouldn't have passed by us. God led us there in a very real way. He is the one that knows where his children are and we need to rely more on him. I'm going to commit to do that more.

That is the best of the week and sooo much fun. This week we are going on 3 exchanges and so I'm sure that it will be soooo much fun :)

LOVE you!

Elder Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Howland

(2-2-5ed means going to visit someone and if they do not answer we knock on the two doors to the right and left and 5 directly accross the street! The OCM version of tracting that is way more efficient.  I didn't know...I had to ask him what that meant.)

 Elder Howland with his new zone conference.
 Elder Howland and his companion, Elder Wilcken (from Texas).
Elder Howland...

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