Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016

This week was dang good! It is crazy that they are going by so much quicker than ever; next week is the last week of the transfer. 

So something I found out this week is that this zone that we are in is struggling more than any other zone in the mission. President Porter has taught us in the past that you put your priority in helping your bottom area (in business, missionary work, everything) and by helping raise your lowest area you raise the average of everything. So he has stacked this zone. I've known that since day one, I just didn't know why. So yeah he is trying to turn this area around and so I am surrounded with some of the best and most powerful missionaries out here and that is so cool. I am learning day by day how to be better by learning what they do... But that is boring.. 

Monday was exciting though! We had a Memorial Day finding challenge and it was sooo fun! We got together as a whole zone and went to parks and around town and spent the whole day finding new investigators, in fact that was the only goal!!! We went to different parks and we were never with the same people every hour or so we would come back together and switch it up and it was tonzzzz of fun! So last week we got 38 new investigators together as a zone all week... On Monday we set our focus on finding alone and we found... 39 new friends to start teaching!!!! In one day! As much and more than the whole last week! :) We also had so much fun and became more unified as a zone which always helps things haha

I went on exchanges in Eaton which is the sticks kind of city if I've ever seen one! I'm jealous that I'm not out there.  It was so cool because I was with Elder Miller who came out at the same time that I did and he is such a stud! We put 2 of their investigators on date which was so awesome because our area is struggling so I haven't seen a whole lot of success in it in the last month. We are going to be working hard this week to help those friends we have now to progress and feel the spirit and voice of the Lord!

We had a leadership council yesterday with President Porter and it is his last one before he goes home so it was pretty emotional. I learned so much about hearing the promptings that God is trying to reach out to us with. My goal is to become so familiar with his voice that I can know when he is talking to me and act immediately on it.

Whoa... this one was way longer than the last few haha

Love you guys!!!

Elder Howland

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