Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

We are going to the temple this week with President Porter, just our zone and it will be our last time seeing them. I haven't been to a temple in 8 months and it has been killing me, I am so excited to go! I also can't wait to meet Mr. Tim Welch (new mission president)! He is going to change our lives! And I hope he starts with a more lax music rule! Just kidding just kidding.

So this week was awesome, do you remember me talking about Jeffersina? Well we finally met her again and her family and they are soooooooo awesome! Like elect to the highest! We gave Jeffersina a blessing and her non-member husband and kids were so funny and were so great! They were like a mormon family but without the mormon, I didn't understand it haha but we will be teaching them. And then there is a family, the Griffins.  The mom is awesome and has read the Book of Mormon 3 times since January.  The dad is not a member but we have been teaching the two of them and they are reading in the Book of Mormon together every day.  He is making so much progress and it is fantastic! 

It is so fun working with families and we love them so much! It is just great :)

Love you all,
Elder Howland

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  1. Omg im going to temple tooooo yay!!!!! I remember what u wrote in my journal when u left here :( u said and i quote) "go to temple any chance i u will be happy to know im going...and i thought about what u said Howland..
    Miss u bunches Howland... #notthesamewithoutu