Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

So funny story that was kinda bad but hilarious... So we try and go visit an investigator and they weren't there.  So we knock on the neighbor's door to ask them if they know when a good time to see them would be (and try and pick them up as a new investigator also).  So I knock while Elder Leaupepe is a little farther from the door on the phone with the Sister Training Leaders... Knock Knock Knock and this big black lady opens the door and flat out yells "WHO IS YOU?"  Without missing a beat I start to tell her we are looking for her neighbor but she cut me off at "Oh we are just..." And she again yells "GET THE BLANK OUT!!!" And slams the door! :) Haha my eyebrows went up and we instantly started laughing and as we walked away we could hear her on the inside say something to the effect of "Who does that white boy think he is knocking on our door?" LOL We died! Don't worry we weren't disheartened or anything, just laughed and laughed. And then two minutes later Elder Leaupepe trips and almost lands on his face which made me just die all over again. Haha we both died laughing again and also keep in mind the other Sister missionaries are witnesses for all of this :)

We also had 3 people come to church yesterday which is the most we have had together this transfer. The most we have had is 1. So yesterday LaPaul was there and we also had Linda and Marion there. They are brother and sister and they are soooo cooooool! We actually had dinner over there on Saturday and that was awesome.  Then at church Marion said that he had been thinking about tithing and fast offerings for a while and that was what sacrament meeting was all about. And then Linda said the same thing but about Sunday school where they talked about baptism. They both had an amazing time and were excited to have us come back over and also to come back to church next Sunday, too :) :) :)

I think those were the biggest things that happened that I can share real quick. We are about to have a boss P day to send Elder Leaupepe off right! 

Love you!
Elder Howland

 Elder Howland, Sister Taylor, Elder Leaupepe
 Elder Howland, Elder Leaupepe

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