Monday, March 6, 2017

February 27, 2017

So this week was GLORIOUS! Being back to Cincinnati was great the first week! I was able to on exchanges back in Norwood and was able to go see some people I knew from a year ago! In another year I want to come back and experience it again. Mission Trip!!!! Yeah! And can I just say that there is so many good things happening! This has been a week of miracles both in our companionship as well as in the work. here is just one for instance. Like there was this one lady who we met and she invited us back and that is great... And then we went back and taught the Restoration and it was amazing. She said that she felt something that she didn't normally feel (She is pretty spiritual aka Southern Baptist) and that she wanted to continue investigating the church and oh by the way like the day before I met you I received the Book of Mormon I ordered online!!! What?! That was so crazy!!

And then our first day we met this guy Robert. He had done some drinking the first day we met him but regardless we came back and actually we taught him every day this week because he loves having us come over! Physically he looked so much better each day! The first day he wore really torn sweats and baggy stuff. The next time it was kind of messy. And yesterday he looked pretty good, collared shirt and everything. In addition his home was cleaner and cleaner each time! We could see him changing each day and he was changing spiritually also.

These were just a few. As a companionship we have grown closer together. Elder Sheffield is a stud! Things are just so great and way better than I can hope to convey in the little bit of time that I have.

I love you, yes you. :) 

Elder Mark Howland

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