Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 6, 2017

Life is crazy! I can't even do life anymore! So for those unaware my mom back home has had a tough week in the hospital. Then out here in the last week I have been apart of not one but TWO Emergency Transfers. Transfers were 2 weeks ago then I moved this week and now today I am going to move back to my old area and with another new companion. I'm done hahaha It is was all good until like 5 minutes ago I got the call for the second transfer. I was sooo happy with my new companion and my new apartment and having....

Sorry I don't like to complain. I am repenting. Really though it is pretty funny. Like wow life is crazy!

This was a stressful week but there were so many blessings! Instead of talking about the work can I talk a little about trusting in God? This week I really needed to trust in God. And even right now with all these changes I need to be trusting Him. So last Monday my world kind of got rocked when I found out that there were going to be changes with my companion and I also found out my mom was in the ICU. My brother obediently followed my Mom's instructions not to tell me much and so I was left kind of in the dark not really knowing anything. 

One thing that I learned from before my mission working with Living Scriptures was to "Control the controllable." The rest you can't bother yourself with. So I did that this week. I pushed all worries of my mother to the side. But I didn't forget about it. I have an experienced testimony of fasting and so last Monday I began my fast for my mother's health, pleading with the Lord. I knew that whatever the Lord's will was would be done but I took the example of the Importuning Widow in Luke 18 and applied it. I feel so very blessed that my older brother- and for years my hero- worthily holds the Priesthood and used it to give her a blessing in her time of need. I believe that these combined with the many prayers of loved ones on her behalf helped in her recovery.

But more than the Priesthood of the blesser the most important thing is the Faith to be healed. I was just studying that this week funny enough. What a blessing it is to have a rock for a mom. Firm and steadfast and always an example to me. My best friend. 

Well things are crazy as life usually is but Christ is the center. Christ is the constant.


Elder Mark Howland

(Elder Howland sent some pictures; I have no information about people in them)

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