Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

This week went by super quick and was awesome!

Ronda is still awesome! She came to church this week after having worked from 11pm-9am and our church is at 11. So she was here til 2 and then went home and crashed haha She is wonderful and always is so willing to contribute in classes.

Tiarra and Alazaleah (sorry about the spelling) came to church this week too! They are 17 and14 respectfully and they loved it too! Honestly I don't think we have had an investigator not come away from church talking about oh wow I loved Sunday school when they said... or something like that. This ward is truely awesome and the people in it are great! My problem is that I want to go talk to and learn more about all of them but I can only go see a couple each week. I have been in this ward going on 5 months now and I just introduced myself to a couple this week I had never met before!

So Nicole who got baptized a couple weeks ago is going through a hard time right now. Her grandmother Audrey passed away this week. She practically raised Nicole and so it is really hard. Honestly if it was my mom I don't know what I would do also so we are just trying to show her how she can rely on the Lord. She was awesome, as we were talking after she said that the one thing sh ewas looking forward to was in a year going and being baptized for her. Her mom Pam is also now taking lessons from us and is making good progress. The lesson that came right after her mom's death just happened to be the Plan of Salvation and so I think God planned it that way so that she could have that knowledge of where her mom is and that she will see her again.

We love love love this area, Elder Mc Kellar usually keeps us laughing he is the one that stands by me through it all and I'm grateful for that.

Love you guys

Elder Howland

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