Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Hello good morning and how do you do!

You know the weeks that don't go very well at all where everything is opposing you? Yeah that was last week. You know the weeks that go really really well and everything is in your favor? Yeah that was this week!!! :)

So on Monday we went on exchanges with one Elder Cusworth. He is such a stud of a missionary, very good listener and loves the people. So we went to one investigator's house, Reuben, and at the front step he was about to drop us and tell us to go away but luckily I had a trick that I pulled out that he wasn't expecting! I asked him to use his bathroom and BOOM he let us in. And from there we gave him a Book of Mormon to read and asked if we could take a few minutes and show him how it would help him... And an hour later where the spirit was there so strongly we finally left and he was so excited! Haha that man is so cool! 61 years old and still knows that there is more to learn and so humble!

So Ben is this guy that we met 3 months ago and on Sunday we really talked about his commitment level which was pretty low based on the evidence. He said he wants to learn more and do more but never came to church and would often flake on our appointments. So after Sunday he was pumped and ready to come to church and meet with us on Tuesday and Friday... well he didn't show up on Tuesday and we were worried... and then on Friday we went over and... he wasn't there again. UGH!!! But. On Sunday morning who came to church? Ben :) And he brought his fiance, Amy, too! :) Testimony meeting was good but it was priesthood that was the most powerful. It was all about the atonement and the resurrection. 

This week really was so great and the Lord was ever mindful of us. Even last night when I was walking without a jacket or umbrella and it poured down on us... again!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha

Good things are happening in the Norwood area!!! :)

Much love!!
Elder Howland

Note from Mark's mom (Cheryl):
When Mark was selling down in Arizona last summer, he met Sis. Eaton (picture above) in his ward. In fact, while he was down there she got her mission call to Cincinnati, and he already had his, so that was cool.  And now they're in the same zone back in Cincinnati.  Fun to see a familiar face, I'm sure.

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