Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2016

Happy New Year and hello cold! 

This new years was an interesting one.  We had to go into the apartment at 6 on New Years Eve and then had to be inside all day on Friday and clear until NOON ON SATURDAY!!! Whoo... That was exhausting staying inside allllll day. BUT we got a cool assignment that asked for a lot of writing, reading, and pondering. Needless to say all of that together meant I was sitting in Revelation Station!! That was so cool. It was really good but at the same time it was really really really long... After hour 7 of reading I was like ok I'm done...I need to move! But I didn't. I stayed and I read for another 9 HOURS after! Ugh my brain was fried! 

Haha Okay I'm done complaining now because I'm so happy that we did it because of how much I got out of it. I always thought that it was like dozens of stories all put together but from this perspective it seemed more like 4 stories. 

I love you all. Sorry short again!

Elder Howland

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