Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

So this week is a better email I promise.

First of all we were talking with this guy Michael and he is like 40ish and he talked to us out in the cold for like 30 minutes...about RC Cars! Like c'mon man toys? Haha it was so funny because it was so cold but while standing up in the cold in the road both Elder Leaupepe and I may have started to drift off while he talked AT us.  #missionarylife

Quick story- while we were fasting Friday we had a miracle happen, Elder Leaupepe received an assignment from the Relief Society President last time he was here and she was a do not contact but he had the impression to try and find her again and through a series of what seemed like unfortunate events (like missing our bus) we walked by her house and someone was on the steps outside. So we went and asked if she knew Cheryl Taylor and it turned out that it was her! We talked to her and just being there was a blessing in her (and our) life.  She bore her testimony with tears streaming down her face then she said in her own words "I'm sick of waking up each Sunday morning wishing I was at church." We bore our testimonies and she was at Stake Conference yesterday. God was there.

Another funny story was that the two of us went to Lee's (which is kind of like KFC). So we ordered kind of a lot of food haha and when they brought it out it was apparently enough food for 8 because they brought out that many utensils for us... Yeah well the two of us ate it alllllllll! There was so much and I'm not going to lie I was a little bit in pain but Elder Leaupepe was just fine #poly #ithinkwebrokethewordofwisdom hahaha It was awesome. 

People say the funniest things here. There is a new lingo like "fina" (fin-uh) which pretty much means "going to" This guy said "we fina get snow this week" haha I didn't know what it was and Elder Leaupepe had to explain it to me. Another one is "usedtacould" which is more straight forward like used to be able to but more ghetto. haha

There is opposition in all things and this week we saw it but as you can see we keep spirits pretty high and there are miracles still happening!

Love you all!

Elder Howland

P.S. Miracles:
Transfer 1- tore black suit
Transfer 2- spill gravy on nice gray suit
Transfer 3- take gray suit to dry cleaners and find out it won't come out
Transfer 3- God comes in and saves the day and Elder Leaupepe who is going home this transfer bought a suit like a year ago and it is a slim fit and is too tight for him and so up and gives it to me! It is a sweet blue one too :) See? More miracles :)

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