Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 18, 2016

Okay so this week we met this guy and shared a little about our message and he was so excited to hear more. And we found out that he just barely got back from a bridge where he was going to jump and some voice told him that he shouldn't. We went back and taught him the next day and found out that nobody had ever taught him about God or Jesus Christ or anything like that and so we were privileged enough to do that for him. We had him say his first ever prayer with us and he was able to feel the spirit so well as he did and as we talked with him it was so cool to see! He kept thanking us and thanking us for it because he kept talking about how good it felt! He came to church (all 3 blocks) and he is still loving all he is learning and so excited to see more. We talk about baptizing people and stuff but honestly he is the one asking when he can be baptized and what he needs to do before. The first week of February that is going to happen and he will be on his way to growing so much! Ah we love him so much! 

So we had a zone conference about following the promptings of the holy ghost... Hmm that is too soft of a way to say it... it was about The power and authority that you can have with you by following the directions and commands of God. Yeah that is better :) So after that I started to pray for the courage to follow those commands whatever they were and this is what happened...

This one happened just yesterday. So this week we contacted this less active and a few weeks ago he said he wanted to come back to church but then never did and kind of disappeared.  Well on Wednesday he said again he was going to come. Then Saturday we called again to make sure and he again confirmed he would come and even be early. So Sunday morning at 10:50 no sign of him so I called... He says that his biological mother just passed away and that he has to go to Kentucky. (I don't know if you all would agree but I would honestly consider myself a people pleaser, I like keeping peace and keeping everybody happy.) So I get this thought that I need to be bold with him and tell him he needs to be here.  So I muster up my courage and tell him that I don't want to be insensitive but that I know that church is where God wants him to be right now and that I've seen Satan put all sorts of roadblocks in people's way but that he needs to come to church even if it is only for 30 minutes of sacrament and then go down to Kentucky. And his response was simply "You're right and I'll be there soon." Well he got there right as the bread was coming in our aisle and he stayed all the way to priesthood. He called us that night and thanked us for motivating him to come because he really needed it and he felt that everything there was meant just for him.

Moral of the story. Follow the Holy Ghost. He will show you all things which you should do.

Also it is sooo coooold! But that is awesome because people give you rides when it is cold :)

My testimony grows every day! That is so cool, the fact that I can see it in myself is powerful and I know that the doctrine of Christ is working in me and making me better! The work is going forth and will not be hindered by anything! 

Love ya!!!

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