Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 5, 2016

The power of fasting is so real! This last Sunday, 8/28/2016, Elder Manos and I fasted because our teaching pool was dwindling down even though we are working. What a miracle that was! On Sunday night, a member from another ward in the stake called us and asked us to teach a woman in our area! What an answer to our prayer! Member referrals are much more solid than those that we find on our own efforts so that was a blessing. Then on Tuesday we received a call from a Sister in our ward who had a relative that she wanted us to start teaching! And we were like what??? We thought the blessing was the last member referral! Now there is two! And then on Wednesday we got another call from a member in our ward.  She asked us to go visit her brother (who is less active but in the ward) and she asked us to go on a specific day so that she and her whole family could fast for it to go well.

We thought the blessings were amazing just after that first one... It really taught me a lesson on God's grace. When we rely on our own efforts good things happen because he gave us moral agency and power to act but the real power and miracles come by relying on the Spirit and acknowledging His power! 

Transfers are tomorrow and I am leaving, I will let you know where I am going! 

I love you!
Elder Howland

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