Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Our area had struggles this week.  We had some very nasty people talk to us all in a row and I like to think my skin is pretty tough and that stuff never bothers me, but this week because we got hit with so many all in a row it kinda got to us both. But as the Lord gives us trials and we go through them, he takes us to the promised land. And he needed to test our faith this week apparently but we then saw many miracles!

We randomly ran into this woman, Sabrina, as she was reading on her porch and long story short, she is a member who hasn't been to church in 20 years.  There were no records of her here and so we taught her and her teenage children who aren't members and they came to church!

Another miracle is Katina and her family of 6.  We were finally able to start teaching and they came to church also! Everything is aligning in this area right "when we were depressed and about to give up."

I love it here in Muncie, it is so hard but so good! :)

I just passed a year and I feel like the whole first year I was looking forward, hoping time would pass quickly.  But already I'm looking back and trying to grasp harder onto the precious time I have left. I love this work so much and would literally rather be nowhere else than here!

Be happy! Can I give you that advice? There is something wrong and something right in everyone and every situation.  You get to decide what you look for and continue looking at though. What will you choose? I am choosing happiness :)


Elder Howland

Elder Howland having ice cream on his "hump" day...September 16, 2016.

Elder Howland and his companion, Elder Swainston.  They were also companions while in the MTC.


  1. Oh Howland i know exactly what u mean...the struggle is real...gotta keep it moving focus on the prize and the journey means so much more. I have learned tht from two very special missionaries and The Lord. I am hitting a year almost also and look forward to going to Temple in the Spring for granny... Love you bunches!! Ur doing great!

    1. And YES U are going to be there at Temple with me :)