Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 5, 2017

The first week of June! :) How blessed and marvelous and glorious :)

We got to go to the Indianapolis, Indiana temple!!!!!! This was the last one too! First I went to Louisville (pronounced as lul-ville) when I first came out, then Columbus a year ago, and now I have made it to the Indianapolis Temple! All 3 that are around us! This one was so beautiful! Oh how I have missed the temple!!!
Sadly I will confess that it has been almost a year since I have last been to the temple and wow does it make a difference! And guess what? I went in with a question and I received an answer for it! :) funny how that works isn't it? 

This is Brother Gygi and Elder Mc Kellar and we had such a great time it was literally an all day event! Driving up in the Tesla and stopping at Longhorn Steakhouse (and at a supercharging center) and making our way back! Such good times! :) The temple is really a house of God and is so peaceful :) Nothing but smiles all day! :)

We went on some exchanges this week and it was just what I needed! The work in our area is going slow with our personal finding efforts, the people we have are super super solid but the personal finding has been a struggle. One thing that we were able to do a lot on both of these exchanges though was FIND! We did a little tracting in my old area Georgetown and found some pretty fantastic people and in Cherry Grove we met the neighbor of an already investigator and she was just so excited to meet us and have the missionaries come back and teach her and her family!!!! 

(Explanation for the following pictures while Elder Howland was on exchanges...)
I planned on going over to this restaurant and buying food for my companion (while on exchanges) but we went to this place and he bought this burger called the Widowmaker it is like 4 lbs of food with the fries and everything and if you eat it in 9 minutes it is free... Well he did it!!!!!!!!!! So I didn't have to pay for him hahaha.  Here is the burger he downed! And then the fries were mounding over the plate also!

This dang mission is such a roller coaster, each transfer and even each day is filled with such emotion-filled ups and downs that weary me but the cool thing is that looking back all I see is the good! :) Not sure how it works but it does! So even when something is going my way I know there is something better coming around the corner! :) Today is a very good day!

Elder Mark Howland

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