Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 9, 2017

Sad day in Muncie, I am leaving this wonderful land and have the blessing to go to Georgetown, Ohio. No idea what it is going to be like there. 5000 people live there and I have never been someplace that small before! That is kinda exciting :)

So I will be going there with a new missionary who I will meet tomorrow. We were in a meeting with our Bishop yesterday and he asked me what my favorite part of Muncie has been and I called it Miracle Muncie. My testimony of the Gospel has grown so much and I feel such an outpouring of love towards the people that live here. I so hope that I have another opportunity to serve here again and at the very least I know that this will be the first stop I make when we come back after the mission!

But on to greener pastures, I love the saying "The grass is greener wherever you water it." I am excited to find and make new friends and be a support to the people there. 

I know that wherever I am God will use me to move forward his work. That is the beautiful thing of serving God. My favorite thing that the Doctrine and Covenants says is that the thing that will be of most worth unto you is to "preach repentance." So no matter where I am doing that I will be blessed. 

Also I have been spoiled here. So I kind of selfishly want to stay haha

Next time I will tell you about my new companion and share the goodness of good ol' Georgetown!

Elder Mark Howland