Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

This week was awesome. We had a missionary broadcast on Wednesday that was for the whole world and they changed missionary work forever!! Instead of having a firmly regimented schedule for missionaries here in the states as well as those abroad, they have customized them and left them mostly up to the discretion of the companionship themselves. It has been a lot less stressful since the change came and the thing that is the coolest is that with the added flexibility to our day it is going to really help missionaries returning home. The daily regimen of  missionary life is great but now it is more like real life! And when I go home I will be able to keep the priorities in my life like reading scriptures but not feel guilty about needing to move them to night time or something.
So something funny- I updated you on James last week. Again this morning we had an absolutely amazing Spirit filled time with him and he just feels that all that we are teaching him is true, it is really eye opening experience being able to see how God prepares people to hear about his Gospel and accept it! I keep learning over and over again that it isn't about us. We are just helping God to do his own work! :)

This week we started teaching this lady named Stephany and so I'm just waiting until we meet someone named Cheryl haha we will be teaching someone from each of my family members: my brother James, sister Stephany and then Mom Cheryl! :)
So much love and prayers are coming home to you whom I love!

Elder Howland

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