Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

This week was soooo good!

Okay so starting off with the big one. Elder Neil L. Andersen came and spoke to us! What??? So cool! Our investigators always tell us that there is something different that they feel when we come and for the rest of the day; now we have the opportunity to experience it also. I could definitely feel something different with Elder Andersen. He is so funny by the way.  It was Sister Porter's (Mission President's wife) birthday so he had all of us sing to her. He also had the whole mission come and shake hands with him; that was pretty cool. So investigators that we shake hands with now don't even know that they are shaking hands with a hand that has shaken hands with a prophet, seer and revelator of God!

That was a highlight but the lowlight is actually today. We found out that Elder Bee is leaving tomorrow and that I am staying. I am so sad! He has been great and I have learned so much from him! But I have more to learn from someone else apparently! I'll fill you in next week, sorry this is so short. But we are seeing miracles and this area is very much alive!

Nicole is getting baptized on Friday!!!

Love you all! 


  1. Omg u are such a nerd.... But i 💘 luv u this much!!!! Got baptised....oh yeah!

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