Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

So yesterday in church I gave my first sacrament talk on my mission :) I was really hoping to get away with it by sliding under the radar but apparently I could run but I couldn't hide. I gave it on the Holy Ghost and then Sister Darenthal gave her homecoming talk right after. She did awesome job and has already asked us if she could come out with us and teach. So we have some plans there. Having members out teaching with us is seriously so great. Brother Mastin is one that comes out with us often and he is an amazing ward missionary with a powerful testimony. Love love love that man!

This ward really altogether is amazing. I'm finding it out each week as I meet more and more of the people. We met this family, the Garlock's, on Wednesday and it was so much fun; we laughed and laughed with them :) It was seriously so much fun! They said that when they have missionaries over without fail the next transfer one of them goes home so we are trying to break that pattern! We are going to stay here as long as possible. I want to have like 6 more months here! I love it here soooo much!

Sorry this week is short--the missionaries are pressuring me because they want to go play basketball!

So much love! Next week I will have stories for days! :)

Elder Howland

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