Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Today's e-mail from Elder Howland is super short.  Once you read it, you'll understand why:

So just so you know I am doing just fine. I'm doing A okay. But I just got back from the urgent care where I got a few toes relocated after dislocating them playing soccer. So I can't email a big one and I apologize but put this up there and it will be exciting :) Seriously I'm just fine. I'm walking around and everything. I'm doing well. But I will tell you about it next week. I love you and again I'm doing really well. I mostly just wanted to email you because I knew you would see the charge onto my debit account and would be worried. I love you and today is already much better than this morning :) I love you!

Elder Howland

P.S.  He sent a follow-up note saying it was only 2 toes, but one was dislocated in 2 different places.  Well, it'll be interesting to hear the story next week, right?

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