Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Transfers are this week and... I'm leaving! Again! Ugh, I'm not happy!!! :( I'll let you know the new address as soon as I know. 

Ok so funny story... Thursday night Elder Bunderson and I cut our own hair and he finished his first and asked me to touch up a couple areas and so I took the head off and went to do the neck and he also wanted me to do up by the crown of his head... so I went to do that WITHOUT THE GUARD. And I totally buzzed a hole in his hair and it looked so bad! So we just cut the sides down to a 1 and for like 2 days you could tell but you can't tell anymore. Can I just say that he was impressive with his patience and not punching me in the face? It was funny and it looks fine now!

Another funny story, we cooked cookies on Thursday and every single batch we burned!!! Haha But they were edible and we have seriously eaten so many of those dang cookies. We are fat. It is a joke between us but it's pretty true... 

Haha we taught this lady named Missy who is a co-worker of a member in the ward and she is really interested in the church and everything we shared really resonated with her I think because she kept saying that she agreed and her church teaches that too and stuff so that was awesome! It was a really great night, the members made some killer lasagna! Great great night, I can't even explain.

So I've mentioned Kayla before a few times and on Friday.... Kayla got baptized!!! The sisters in that area have been continuing teaching her and doing awesome apparently because Kayla decided to do it! :) That was such a good night!

The next day was even better though! The Stuart boys both got baptized!!! Ethan is 12 and Evan 9 were baptized by their dad Saturday afternoon! It was awesome because we had a ward Christmas party right after and so everyone came early to support them. It was seriously a beautiful sight to see Matt (the dad) pull each of his sons into a big hug right after he pulled them out of the water. That is seriously what I think of when I think "pure joy." Matt knows that this is the true church and to see his sons enter into the path that will lead them to being a eternal family brought the spirit and joy and I'm just so happy for them. Their mom is sooo cool and not a member and right now isn't interested but that isn't the focus right now. Those two kids are studs and they both love coming to church and learning more and ugh I just realized that I'm not staying here so I'm not going to be able to keep in touch with them :(

I'm really sad to leave Elder Bunderson, we have grown really tight in the last 5 weeks. Seriously why couldn't I have had a bad companion for the short transfer and then a super good one for the 7 weeker!? We have mobbed here in Newport and I will continue working hard and doing everything we need to be able to help the work progress. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve and focus less on me. When the scriptures say he that loses his life for my sake shall find it, it means it. I love who I am now and I love growing more and more and seeing how I have changed when I'm not doing it for me, I am learning so that I can teach others! That is how it should be! I hope that especially in this Holiday season we all can look outwards like Christ did and improve the lives of those around us. There is Joy in that journey!

Elder Howland

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